Up for sale here are CHROME IVAN burgundy color.This bag is new,unwanted presents.RM650 nego till let go.

Call : 017 3344129 (Eizzat)


InfamousXWildDogs freestyle fork

InfamousXWildDogs Freestyle Fork

Steerer Tube: 1-1/8″ Threadless
Steerer Tube Length: 220+mm (we can supply longer tubing)
Axle to Crown: 410mm
Crown Race: 28.6mm
Off set: 20mm
Weight: 1.25kg
Material: 4130 Heat-Treated CRMO

Price : RM300

Inquiries :


InfamousXWildDogs Freestyle Frame 700cmx

InfamousXWildDogs Freestyle Frame 700cmx

New upgraded version.

size: S,53 only (XS in the future)
4130 butted CrMo (Taiwan)
top tube: 565mm
down tube: 607mm
seatpost tube: 500mm
chain stay: 400mm
stand over: 820mm
weight: 2.2kg

Framesets Price : RM899 (frame and fork)

Inquiries :



This new RH-O luggeg fork need to let go by its owner Apek (Azool ago go).

Here;s the spec :

New RH+O Lug Fork
and 1 1/8″ threadless headset should be used.
Cup O.D. 34mm
offset 45mm
Price: RM280

If u’re interested just give him a ring : 019-3455626

or send him a mail :



Front wheel

Eeros h+son blck 43mm

all city hub white laced with  hayes gold spoke  (gratis percuma free tire candence 23c+tiub)

RM 650 firm

Rear wheel

B43 velocity celeste green 43mm

all city hub white

spoke hayes white

cog csk gold 16t (gratis percuma free lock ring,tire maxxis detonator 23c+tiub)

RM 800 firm

all item have only been used for month.

* complete for RM1300 firm

* contact Roby for more details



track frames

(picture shown are prototype.Keep in touch for updates photo)

INFO : Infamous is a brand new FIXED GEAR shop based in HONG KONG.But the person behind inFAMOUS is a well known person in FIXED GEAR scene especially in the S.E.A .This crossover frame is his first debut frames,collaborating this crossover with FIXIEPIXIE(HK),SF FIXED GEAR (US),ALOHA FIXED(US),FleshImp(SG) and WILD DOGS(MY).The frame distributed in Malaysia is a WILD DOGS version.Comes in only special signature color.

SIZE: available : 52,54
COLOR : dark sparkling purple(WILD DOGS signature color),with baby purple fork.
BB : English

Material : Chro-Mo

Price : RM650 promotion price, local pick-up.Outside KL needs to pay the posting cost.

RM??? when promotion ended.Promotion price only available for Malaysian.

USD250 worldwide.

Ordering :

*keep in touch for more updates.



27 responses

23 01 2010

when is the promotion gonna end?
is it available now?

23 01 2010

Maybe tis last for the first 10 frames? pre order fast guys!

and we’re reconsidering the after promotion price,maybe its gonna be cheaper. keep visiting us for update!

23 01 2010

update me always wilddogs.
im kinda interested.

perhaps it would be nicer if you guys comes with a complete trick bike for sale.

23 01 2010

yes..thanks..will do..will do for the future..

23 01 2010

anything update me @

4 08 2010
ali ali

im interested with the infamous..
do you have it now in stock?
i really want it

6 08 2010

Currently 3rd gen is in the making! will update soon!

5 09 2010

frame tu batch ke berapa ?

8 09 2010

Tak faham soalan kamu, apapun,kalau nak order,just let us know.

23 09 2010

maksud kalian frme wilddogs ni akn jdi lbh murah after promotion tamat?btul ke?

23 09 2010

………………………………. fikir logik boss..

24 09 2010

check ur comment on 23.01.2010(9.34) commnt with Gore

(and we`re reconsidering the after promotion price,maybe its gonna be cheaper.keep visiting us for update!)

so i guess the frme will be cheaper after ur promo.

whts tht suppose to mean?my english not to good.sorry

26 09 2010

the after promotion price is 850rm,and what we’are saying is,the price might be cheaper than that after promotion,maybe 750rm? or 700rm?.That time wedont know yet how much for a frame after promotion.But of course its gonna be more than promotion price.thanks.

26 09 2010

ok thnks, let me know any info cuz im interested with the frmeset cuz it is custom for wilddogs.cheers

30 09 2010

brpe frame wild dogs ni?
RM650 eh?
klu post ke putrajaya brpe kos nye?

30 09 2010

dude,promotion dah lama abes.retail price now rm900.

27 10 2010

salam bro. ada jual baru/2nd complete fixie bikes? thanks. 🙂

29 10 2010

Hye Faez,

Iya ada,
Boleh email ke
Untuk frame WildDogs,stock sudah tak ada,tunggu beberapa bulan lagi untuk re-stock.Tapi untuk model lain masih ada.

1 11 2010

salam bro , naem here . na tanya . ada jual lgi infamous yg promotion harga 650 tu ? if ada na angkat . bole suro ajib angkat kan . saya bgi duit 😀

1 11 2010

salam bro , bro pen disana ka ? haha . eh eh na tanya . yg prmotion infamous price 650 tu ada lagi ? if ada na angkat skarang gak if bole . haha . btw full set kan ?if ada bole suro ajib angkat kan .

3 11 2010

Promotion tuh da lama takda,itu untuk 5 biji frame pertama je,frame InfamousXWildDogs pun dah tak ada,yang tinggal skang Infamous saja,kalau nak harga dia rm900 – framesets.

6 12 2010

infamous frame masih ada lagi tak?

1 01 2011

masih ada,boleh kontek 017-3344129

8 03 2011

is it still available???

14 03 2011
look the man

yaw bruv kalau frame shj brape harga? N kalau ade org nk jual frame second brape harga? thats all hehehe 🙂

10 06 2011


1 08 2011
taufik rizqi

just frame and fork?im in vietnam?

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