A recent years

15 04 2012

Dear Human,

Time is moving so fast just like pushing yourself to paddling and move forward. It has been a very long period living in this crazy globe with a lot of things happens around us. Especially, Wild Dogs Brigade and friends. We know each other, we ride together and we live like a family. Sometimes, a rough and tough moments could be a nice stories when we sitting alone and reminds all of this. The picture i post here is for remembering a dog footstep which have gone so wild such as sharing what we could do in the future as a groupies or human community. Doing something like long distance ride, commuting, bike consuming and others.

People come and people go. Everyone that i used to know, i used to ride, i used to speak and laugh, have gone but not forever. They are here live in this city. In our heart. In this brain that we could memorize them. Maybe they need time. Or they need to be somewhere else that much important for their own goods. You are such a best people. A brilliant people that shown what they are capable of. I am inspire. Really, i love on what you had choose before. Maybe one day i will be like them. Maybe. I don’t know.

I’m writting this all while listening to R kelly – I Believe I Can Fly right now. Besides writting this words, i think i miss it. After what we’ve through, it such a great lifestories. I wish i can write down every single story into a book.

Hence of expression, i think i got a bad english writting here.. but it’s okay as long you can swallow all of this.. Just want to share this feeling that might visit to this page. I think i wanna lay down my tears.. Might looking for a tissues

Live long guys!





One response

23 11 2012

lol i see alot of fixed gears i guess you guys learned ehehehe

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