DEUS X MACHINA fixed gear event

20 01 2011

We receive an invitation from our neighbouring country Indonesia.Here’s the details..

Deus ex Machina is putting together three days of Fixed gear simplicity. Rein in the pain as you fang down the personal path to glory. We have bike builds, bar crawls, endurance rides and contests to test your metal. The event is FREE and open to all Fixed Gear Bicycle enthusiasts, in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia & Australia. Heck, if you want to fly from anywhere in the world to join us in the spoked stock we would love to see you here.

Rides from cityside to surfside, amongst ricefields and through city traffic. Be sure to sleep before you come as it’s bound to be a leg-aching, but hopefully not a back-breaking, weekend. We’re gonna ride and slide and spice it with oodles of late nights and early mornings.

Register by emailing Nona today. We have some info here to help you prepare. Click on the Agenda tag above to see what we are preparing for you. There is links to maps, downloadable Google Earth Location Files, Routes and much more.

We are constantly refining certain elements of the Agenda so check back often to see if we have updated the site.

In the Accommodation section we offer you a few alternatives for a place to lay your head. All of them are a short bike ride from the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm. Canggu. This is ground zero for the event. The place where we will have a full bicycle workshop, mechanics and the most commonly used parts available for your use/purchase. Please remember that the assembly, maintenance and parts for your bike is your own responsibility we are there to help. There is a common sense approach to it.

Lastly, we have a Contact button to use should you have questions, answers, suggestions or if you just want to say hi. In the Contact page we have added a sign up button to keep you abreast of any info blasts we put out for this event and any info blasts that we are doing on other Bicycle related events.

more info :



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