December The 25th

2 01 2011

From Kuala Lumpur with love

An epic road trip from Kuala Lumpur to Penang (North) , traveling almost 370km on bikes, one bottle water, one deadweight, four riders and the “kerbau” journey took us for two long days for the trip. No scouting, no proper footage and no boundaries. Just love from us to challenge our self.

Through all days with a lot of scenes and environmental which is released all the misery after through these years. After a long days paddling along the road, it was so exhausted and our butt seems like lifeless. Stopped at Lumut on Sunday afternoon for a rest and it took about 13 hours to reach there. And big thanks to Nesxcale Bike club from Manjung for the hospitality. May god bless you all.

After taking a rest, we continued our journey at earlier morning which is the route were not so busy at all but still extremely with a lot of gigantic lorry and speeding car. Sunrise and hot weather. These two words manipulating our mentality, stamina and momentum but what can we say, just ride or die. Arrived at Butterworth was the most happiest things in our life. Perhaps a big achievements for us and for all. Overall it was (A) fucking hell. Seriously from our heart, we’re enjoying it because we love what we do and we do it BIG! Penang was great! Thanks to everyone who has helped us throughout the trip and big thanks to our big bro from Penang, Naim Mansur, Faiz and Ash. And not forget our friends from Harufixed that also made their way to penang. Thumbs up! Ready to ride again?

Your truly, Wild Dogs Brigade x Croszline!

Here some photos from our massive trip.




Pidot Kaos & KH

Ride Safe!




2 responses

3 01 2011

wow…..great adventures guys….!!…keep on pedaling….

18 01 2011

Thanks Man 🙂

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