HELL-O-WEEN video!

11 11 2010

Recent 29th OCT 2010 Hell-O-Ween Videos by Hana Bakhra

p/s : Pregnant women are advised not to watch the videos.Extreme Creep Noise Terror.

Many cyclist turned up for the event,even it was a rainy day,heavily rain/storm on the start (creepy indeed).Attendance was good,but costume was not good enough compared to last year.Anyway we all had fun! ride on!






2 responses

23 11 2010

wahh !! aku sangkekan tak de org ride pada malam tu. sbb mase aku otw ke CM. hujan yang terlalu lebat. so, mgambil mase yang lame nak tgu hujan reda. dan apabila sampai d CM. Pembasikal basikal sume dah tak ada. maka aku dan kawan kawan(9 basikal) aku buat critikal massa sendiri hahaha.

harap harap ! critikal masssa yang akan dtg tak terlepas lagi. 😀

23 11 2010

ada ride la,lambat sikit

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