2nd batch has landed!

25 06 2010

Thanks to Ling of Infamous for the 2nd batch frames InfamousXWildDogs! Our customer love it,juz when lookin at it for the first time. It is really really RAD! Will post up a picture of complete bike of the 2nd batch frames soon.To whom that has build-up the complete bike, send us a photo and we will upload it up here.Meanwhile,thanks again Ling for throwing up some stickys here.Will return the favour soon!

Anyone interested for the 3rd shipping please send us an email complete with details such as :

Name :

Adress :

Contact number :

Item :

send it here : wdbrigade@gmail.com

pricing :

Framesets of InfamousXWildDogs : RM899 (NEW PRICE)

Fork Only : RM300

Cheers from us Ling!





2 responses

28 06 2010

What size do you have? Or only 53?

28 06 2010

yes for the time being only size 53, more size in the future

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