2nd batch frames : news and pricing

12 04 2010

Hye guys,

The 1st batch frames has landed in Malaysia.Thanks to all buyer for  understanding our situation.We will be more careful in the next shipment,although the customs and post office services is still sucks!

The 2nd batch shipment is due in 20th April 2010.The frames price is a standard normal price following worldwide rates that is

259.00 USD or 850 MYR (shipping included)

*see fixie pixie , fleshimp & Aloha Fixed for price comparison.

The 2nd batch frames is limited to 8 units,6 had been booked so far.

contact us for more details.

Ride Safe

Wild Dogs




9 responses

13 04 2010

u got size 49cm for this frame???

13 04 2010

good luck with everything, received my frame well. although there are hiccups, it’s totally understandable. wish u well with the next batch. can’t wait to finish my getup.

13 04 2010

Thanks Dean!

13 04 2010

greetings. i would like to book for the frame set. is it still available?

13 04 2010

Sorry Pakyed, only size 53 available for the moment, more size incoming.We will let u know.

13 04 2010

allrite then. sy book for size 53. book kt sni ke cmne?

26 04 2010

stil availble ka frame?

30 04 2010

Frame still available!

3 05 2010

how to palce on order? when the next shipment? heh.. dpt lg awl lg menarik..

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