1st Batch Order is now closed.

1 04 2010

Hello fellow frame buyer!

We would like to tell that 1st batch order of WildDogsXInfamous frames is now closed.Any order that still on pending will be inserted to the 2nd batch list.We also would like to tell that price is not gonna be the same for the 2nd batch as we mentioned before.We will keep u guys updated abut the price via this blog.

Here’s the list of  the 1st batch frame buyer :

1-Adwin Adam

2-Dean KOTM

3-Shaheedi Sharudin

4-Berg Holga

*only 4 unit available for the 1st batch, and this 4 dude is lucky to be the first riders in Malaysia using this frame.

Thanks to all who shows the interest on this frames.

Ride Safe!

Wild Dogs




5 responses

1 04 2010

nice one, thanks eizzat and WD crew for helping out.

4 04 2010

Any bike completed with this frame?saje mau tngok 🙂

4 04 2010

First batch on its way buddy, once arrived we will set up a complete bike and put up the photos here!

8 04 2010

can i know the price for 2nd batch ?

9 04 2010

Still considering..we will let u guys know after we receive the 1st batch of frames.Considering the taxes and the shipping.But what can we say it is below RM900 and above RM700

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