Singaporean cyclist died by accident.

24 03 2010

24 march 2010

ONE of two cyclists knocked down in Clementi road on Sunday night by a suspected drink-driver died in hospital on Wednesday from head injuries.His name is Benjamin Mok Chee Kong .

Meanwhile Mr Bertram Leong Poh Meng, 22 injured his head and spine badly.Lets pray for him a godspeed recovery.

Read full article here :

Singaporean! bring that drunken doctor to justice! We hope this wont happen again,cyclist dont deserve this! so do Mr.Benjamin! We feel sorry for what happened and wishing all cyclist in the world a Safe Ride.

//Our condolence to Mr.Benjamin Mok Chee Kong family.

~RIP Benjamin Mok Chee Kong~




6 responses

25 03 2010

Thanks for the repost guys. Let’s pray for Benjamin and Bertram.

25 03 2010

And thanks for the information too Indris.Lets hope this wont happen again.

25 03 2010

that’s scary…
RIP fellow cyclist.

26 03 2010

this is terrible! RIP Mates!

30 03 2010


31 03 2010

burn those doc to hell.. suit himself by killing the human who preserve the world.. i mean cyclist.. bastard u son!

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