The Fork!

23 03 2010

OK this InfaMous 700cmx Fork will come along with the Wild Dogs/Infamous frames.Here’s some pic and spec!

It is a heated Chro-Moly which means it is STRONG!

Up to 40c tire clearance!

Offset 20mm, easier and better for doing tricks!

and it is just 1.25kg!

Steerer Tube: 1-1/8″ Threadless
Steerer Tube Length: 220mm
Axle to Crown: 410mm
Crown Race: 28.6mm
Off set: 20mm
Weight: 1.25kg
Material: 4130 Heat-Treated CRMO

Ride Hard! and Safe!

Wild Dogs




5 responses

24 03 2010

jual sekali ngn frame atau boleh beli fork saja?

24 03 2010

Fork ni datang sekali dengan frame WildDogs,kalau nak beli asing dapatkan kat InFamousBike.USD109 shipping included.

24 03 2010

berapa harganya?

24 03 2010

is this the colour of the fork with the WD frame ? last time i heard that the fork is in light purple colour.

24 03 2010

Yeap this is the color, we had some minor change due to upgrading the fork for better tyre clearance and meterial.Last time it is baby purple (different meterial and different tyre clearance), this time its light pink,but still, if u wanted another color u can get it at InFamous bike.

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