6 02 2010

Its the end of january, its the last friday of the month and its full moon!

We gathered at Pulau,BB with some other crew from BRNWRCK FIXED GEAR, and Massa Kritikal KL.We started the ride late that night ..waiting and waiting other cyclist to come..and at the end..its about 35+ riders that night!

The route?Simply the same starting point from BB-CM-DATARAN-BANGSAR-TASIK PERDANA-BB.Its a long route,dont bother the KM count..we’ll never do.

It is a fun,hard,and dangerous? ride.Why? the route we take at Tasik Perdana is sloppy slippery hills..and there you go..an accident.We’ve menage to sattle the problem, a few riders had injury that night..minor injury..but yet a very dengerous accident..we can say..Neb is lucky its 4-am.No other vehicles using the road that night..

Anyway..thanks to all who comes! we had a lot of fun-learning-tiring ride that night! ride hard!

here some evidence..

till then..

Ride Safe!

Wild Dogs




6 responses

14 02 2010

nice.i bet all of us had a freakin good time!

16 02 2010

yes we do! hehe..hope more happening ride soon!

15 02 2010

gile ramai..keep pedaling ๐Ÿ™‚

16 02 2010

thanks! Fell free to join our ride buddy!

23 02 2010

Cool! ๐Ÿ˜€

24 02 2010

thanks! do join us dude!

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