TAKE THE MANIC RIDE! photo contest

6 02 2010

Hye, we’ve got an email today from MGDR, a small indie clothing brand from Europe.Here’s to share the information :

MGDR is now working on our new clothes collection for spring release. It’ll be available on our own store and a small selection of international stores.

The collection was named “Take the Manic Ride” and is naturally bicycle culture oriented. With a sober preppy style but also a little bit of hardcore. After all, our background is hardcore, skateboarding and fixed-gear. The collection includes several items (tee-shirts, a couple polos, a rugby shirt, jacket, buttons, stickers etc.)

We’re setting up a small contest for a tee-shirt design collab.
If you ride a fixie, and know how to take a photograph, then this contest is for you.

We will choose the best photograph and it will be converted/designed for a tee-print with our “PISTA!” logo (see image link below).
Only 50 of these will be manufactured. The winner gets 5 of them and its name will also be credited on the catalogue, website etc. A special post on the company blog with a short interview will be released as well.

Because we know one winner is not enough, the other photographs will be used on the website gallery.

The rules are very simple:

1. Send a photo of your own fixie (together with a photo of you & your fixie).
2. The photo must be high-resolution only.
3. The background should be white, no shadows! (play with your lights if you got any, and possibly shoot the bike on a white background sheet).
4. Send your photograph by e-mail to: pistacontest@mgdr.net

Deadline for sending the photo: February 20th 2010
Release: April 2010

If you have any questions, drop us a mail at mgconcierge@mgdr .net with “pista contest” in the header.

Thanks for contacting us Massimo!

Ride Safe!

Wild Dogs




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