From KL to Melacca..(with love)

2 02 2010

Editing by Rob Elza

cycling memory is  a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose…in bike we trust…from our previous Melacca tour.

pedal power!

Wild Dogs




9 responses

2 02 2010

To be honest…it makes my heart touch when watching this,my tears almost comin all of you..


2 02 2010
Man Go

Nice. Wish i had the time make myself free during that moment.

p/s; bila masa ada ‘s’ belakang?

3 02 2010

hehe..’s okay, pasni ada tour lagi kasi join ok man..”s” tu kita taruk masa nak buat blo ni la..yg lama pnya da tak pakai..

3 02 2010
luna maurice

that dreamwave background music, band apa ek?

3 02 2010

its, Saycet..check em out! nicee

4 02 2010
robby elza

btw…the dreamwave background song is by The Album Leaf…and the rest song by Always last and Rosa..

4 02 2010

way to go brahhh!
nm aku ed emo plak.
nice vid.
Kudos Wild Dogs Brigade!

6 02 2010


13 09 2010

malacca my home town 😀

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