B.I.K.E winner

1 02 2010


Promoting “Pedal Transportation” and Sustainability

(Because the holidays is around the corner we will name 3 more winners from our members December 4th, 11th and 18th. Good luck to all!

Congratulations to our previous winners!!!!
Week 1: Miguel Lopez Sanchis
Week 2: Romina Sotirova
Week 3: Valentino Zulkifli
Week 4: Brad Seeley
Week 5: Robby Anjeng

Week 6: Nora Gomez
Week 7: Danielle De Preux
Week 8: Tom Drysdale
Week 9: Tarynn Farmer
Week 10: Timothy Maebe

Keep Riding! …walking, running, skating…)

Thanks Mary Kouw


Pedal Power!

Wild Dogs



4 responses

1 02 2010

This is one fine rad movie. Do a screening soon. Hahaha. =)

Kudos to Robby for winning the comp.

3 02 2010

robby han jing. hehe. funny seh. nasib ada sikit sound mcm chinese.

5 02 2010

posmen konfirm2 pelik je tgk name. heh

20 10 2011

My name is on this list what does that mean?

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