Remember to wear skulls

23 01 2010

For safety reason when u ride a bike, please wear this..


Pedal Power!

Wild Dogs




8 responses

23 01 2010

mana nak dpt ni
?? style

23 01 2010
wilddogsbrigade, but tak tau nak beli kat manaa..hehehe

31 01 2010

Where can u buy one and do they come is big head sizes!?!

1 02 2010

Hye madmelo, you can buy right here! straight from us!
just go to our “contact us” link , and u can take our phone number and call one of us, or send us email for details on ordering.Btw, i dont understand by your meaning of big head sizes?

5 02 2010

Ok..seryesly bnda ni leh didapati kah? harga lebey kurang??? gua minat!!!

6 02 2010

ada jual, tapi bukan kami jual..cuba try google.kami amik pun kat google gambo ni

11 02 2010

owh bestnya. how much yeh? tapi segan ah pakai mcm ni. orang naik motor harley pun tak pakai skulls kat kepala. pakai kat sleeve je. hmm. lol

11 02 2010

Ala..apa nak segan! orang takleh nampak muka you! hehe

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