WD & Pixie Velomad

21 01 2010

Friends of ours, The Pixie Velomad finally made it to Malaysia in their journey around the world by bicycle, yes..bicycle!.Can u imagine it? the fun they had? This duo is crazy and yet their journey is inspiring! Stani is from England and her partner Richard is from France.But sadly Richard cant make it to our first meetup,he had to flew back to France due under some family matters.We’ve only meet Stani and that is good enough for us,WD and Massa-Kritikal Kl.The 1st night we rode to Bangsar together with Stani from Bukit Bintang.She shared her story with us that night..and its never enough time to listen everything she want to share.So,we have set up another meet up,this time its special,with well menaged events,yet it is small event.We invite our close friends to come over Noisy Studio,which is the venue.Stani screened all her picture there with a projector and continue her story! They have travel across 40+ country in over 8-10 years journey!
read the rest of their story here :
We wishes you guys good luck and safe ride !

pedal power!

Wild Dogs




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